Place To Visit In Frankfurt

The gleaming city of Frankfurt settled on the shores of the Main River has a charm that is unique in itself. It is unlike any other city you will find in Germany, or for that matter, on the entire continent of Europe. Besides being a global financial center, it still boasts an old-world charm with half-timbered structures speckling its Altstadt or old town. But, if you think that you have Frankfurt all figured out, then think again. Here are some intriguing facts about “Mainhattan” that you most probably do not know.

It’s a cradle of nature with Germany’s largest inner city forest

Think of Frankfurt and images of towering skyscrapers conjure up. But did you know that the city is also home to one of the largest inner city forests in Germany? Frankfurt City Forest also happens to be one of the world’s largest urban forests. So nature lovers, make an Asiana Airlines reservation and get ready to behold some magnificent sights.

It almost became the capital of West Germany

Frankfurt has been a significant center for the longest time. So, it’s not surprising that it was suggested to become the provisional capital of West Germany when the country was divided in to two parts after the World War II. However, since it was a major city in itself, making it the capital would have weaken the idea of German unification that West Germany supported. Therefore, a smaller city, Bonn was decided to be crowned as the provisional capital.

It has the most incredible skyline in the country

Well, if you like glistening skylines then get on an Asiana Airlines flight to Frankfurt and do not forget to pack your DSLR because the city is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country. A particular highlight includes Commerzbank Tower soaring to a height of about 850 feet.

It has the most beautiful ruin in Germany

The World War II wasn’t just a big blow to the world peace but also left countless incredible structures in ruins. Such was the case with Alte Oper which suffered great destruction in 1944. However, as the opera house laid in ruins for decades, it earned the reputation of the “most beautiful ruin in Germany.” However, the structure has now been restored and is a prime attraction that lures people to make Bulgaria Air flight reservations to Frankfurt.

It has Germany’s busiest airport

Frankfurt Airport is the major airport serving the city of Frankfurt and happens to be one of the busiest airports in the world. Just in the year 2017, the facility catered to about 64.5 million passengers.

It’s a shopaholics’ dream with tax-free shopping

Travelers from outside the European Union are entitled to a refund for any VAT that they have paid on merchandise bought during their stay in the city. Do you need any more reasons to embark on a sojourn to this enthralling German metropolis?!


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Tips To Avoid Trouble During Travelling

Everything can now be booked online from flights to accommodation to hiring cabs and leisure activities. But sometimes what is said or seen online is totally different from reality. Your disappointment is beyond compare but you can do nothing about it but to embrace the sudden changes.

Figuring out which online booking sites to partner with is a challenge. It’s really confusing. But most online booking sites have significant differences because when you book for economy or low-cost hotels, never expect that you can get what is shown online. Sometimes, hoteliers and booking giants have conflict especially in terms of discounted accommodations.

Accommodation is a problem in travelling abroad. The main problems being that the provider cancelled the booking, overbooked or had no record of the booking, or the room was sub-standard compared to what was booked or advertised online. According to some people I talked with during my stay abroad, I am entitled to get a room that matches what was advertised to me or refund me should I not wish to push through my accommodation. But if you are new to an unfamiliar territory, you are really afraid to change hotels in a short notice.

Based on experience, you need to do some research on the booking site before you book to make sure it’s bonafide and legal. If you’re travelling out of the country, more likely than not. you’ll be travelling by plane. Some of the problems encountered by travelers include flights being either delayed or cancelled. Most airlines will either give a refund or another schedule as soon as space is available without additional charge. However, the irony is that they won’t necessarily take responsibility if you fail to make a connecting flight as a result.

One of the hidden costs of booking online for airfares can be the credit card surcharges tacked on at the end aside from the travel taxes. So if you are booking a promo fare, be ready for the surcharges when you pay them in the counter. It’s quite disgusting!

Aside from this, transportation at the airport is also a challenge. Taxis, buses and trains, also cause most common travel trouble especially if you are new to the area. Most often, passengers are being overcharged for trips or being taken the wrong route, their service being delayed or getting poor service from drivers. If you want to be delivered right in front of your hotel, you have to pay the most expensive fare on earth.

A lot of people likewise have troubles with car hire when travelling because of the hidden costs. However, when you go to Malaysia, you can hire Grab taxis which are cheaper compared to other forms of transportation to get around and track your route.

Moreover, booking with a travel agent is also a problem affecting almost all travelers. Of those having travel agent troubles, guests had difficulty rectifying mistakes. Hidden fees weren’t far behind, affecting preferences and services not being delivered, such as not getting the right room type.

What I did was see the circumstance in a different perspective. Instead of being dismayed, I even enjoyed my stay in Malaysia. We just need to be open-minded and flexible.


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Best Flying Destination In The USA

Flights are expensive. I often have enough hotel and car points to get rooms and rentals free, but I’ll still break the bank if I go on the trip because of the flight alone.

The thing is, eventually I wanted to go outside of driving distance. Who doesn’t want to see the world? Luckily, there are certain destinations that are routinely cheaper than others. If you’re able to book early and get the right price, you might get a HUGE break.

1. Chicago: Consistently the cheapest flight price from basically anywhere in the U.S., Chicago is such a mid-country hub that airlines luckily make it easy for virtually anyone to get there. While it’s not the flashiest or biggest city, it does have a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing, especially if you’ve never been!

2. Orlando: Luckily for all us Disney fanatics, Orlando ranks second cheapest for flight prices. This varies greatly depending on the season, but in general, your most biggest costs here will be Disney park tickets themselves.

3. Washington D.C.: Another cheaper option year-round, Washington D.C. is always a solid choice for a visit. There’s tons of history, but it’s also a hopping city if you’re looking for something more current. It’s obviously a political world if you have any interest in that, but even the architecture is fun to tour if you’e not. The cherry blossoms are also gorgeous in the spring!

4. New York City: Oh, NYC. If you’ve never been, get on a plane and check it out at least once. While tickets aren’t as cheap as others on this list, they’re not crazy either. Most flights have a stopover in NYC, making it somewhat feasible to travel to. The city is amazing (albeit expensive) with almost endless things to do.

5. Austin, Texas: Having never been to Austin, I can’t give a personal recommendation, but am told that it’s a fun yet very spiritual city (do those even go together?). I also know that again, many flights have stopovers here, making it generally cheaper; it’s also not a huge destination for leisure travel, so it’s likely to be less expensive than other tourism based cities.

For extra discounts, try using apps that hide your browser location so the airlines don’t check where you’re searching from and hike up the prices (seriously, I’ve saved over $50 this way). Cheers to discounted US travel!


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How To Get Comfortable Sleep During Traveling

Sleep is often an underestimated aspect of health. Being sleep-deprived can have serious consequences on your mental and physical health. One of the times sleep is unavoidably affected is when you are traveling. Traveling present the perfect kind of scenario to ruin your sleep! First the fact that you are not in your bed, under your covers (and perhaps in the arms of your sweetheart!); on top of that you are traveling. How does one avoid insomnia under such circumstances? I am here to tell you just that!


Woman sleeping on a pillow on a plane

This is one thing we all dearly miss while traveling, for it is rather difficult to carry a pillow along with your luggage! Some alternatives to a pillow include an inflatable pillow. All you have to do is blow it up! One more option could be to use a soft handbag stuffed with clothes that you don’t mind getting crumpled. You could also roll a bedspread into a makeshift pillow.

Music and/or Books

Woman reading book in plane

Many people have the habit of reading books or listening to music before they go to sleep. It would be a good idea to carry the same with you while traveling. If you are used to reading some spiritual book before sleeping, nothing like it. That kind of stuff soothes the mind and calms you down and helps you relax before you go to bed. Same effect can be brought upon by some good soothing music, especially instrumental songs. You might be required to switch your phones off, so it would be advisable not to carry your music on the phone. If your phone is equipped with the facility of turning it onto the airplane mode, you are good to go.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Meditation is probably one of the best things you can ever do to your mind and body. Many people like to meditate before they go to bed; it helps them feel rejuvenated when hey get up. Meditation can also give you worry-free, peaceful sleep. If you are a light sleeper, this can be very important. Deep breathing also works wonders – I speak from personal experience. Deep breathing is when you block out all thoughts, and concentrate only and only on your breathing. You observe your breathing pattern, listen to the air enter and leave your body. It has an amazing effect. If you are not very fond of meditation, deep breathing may serve the same purpose.


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